Southfield Junior School


Chair of the academy committee 

Paul Robertson is Southfield's Chair of the  Academy Committee 



I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Paul Robertson and I have been elected to chair your Governance Committee for the next 12 months. I am proud and honoured to stand alongside the brilliant governors that make up this committee. I come with a wide range of experience in an operational background from both the military and local authority sectors. I specialise in Logistics Operations, Property, Estates and Facilities Management which are skills that are interchangeable into the operational running of a school setting. What this means for the school is that I can monitor, ask challenging questions whilst offering up recommendations and advice on the safety elements of schooling to your Head of School and Leadership Team.    

Having said the above we are lucky to have a varied governance committee made up of Staff, Parent and Co-Opted Governors. As a committee we have each taken on lead responsibilities where it comes to governance, this will assist your school with maintaining its already hard working approach to ensuring that the children are on the best possible learning journey that they can be.

Thursday the 1st October 2020 really was a stride forward for the school, it now has its very own governance committee who met by Zoom. A full agenda was discussed, some professional development for the governors undertaken by the Grove Learning trust CEO Aaron Griffiths and a financial overview by Paula the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). As a committee we were offered up the chance to ask questions of the CEO, CFO and Head of School and we was overwhelmed with the responses that we received back.

The Trust is guiding the school in the right direction, the confidence in our school was evident. Great news for all of us connected with Southfield. Cora Williams delivers a full and comprehensive Head of School report that ranges from impressive collation of school data, thorough to updates on: safeguarding, wellbeing, attainment and reviews on key pieces of policy that help to keep children safe in education.