Southfield Junior School


Poultry Project

At Southfield, we feel very lucky to have some really good spaces that we can use for developing different aspects of learning and teaching. We think this is something quite special that we can offer the children and families who attend our school. 

In September 2018, Mrs. Richardson, a qualified teacher who recently retired from teaching permanently at Southfield, helped us to create a safe and welcoming chicken run in one of our outdoor courtyards. We have an Omlet UK chicken coop and a very large barked area for the chickens to explore free-range. 

We believe that this poultry project will offer a different slant to learning at Southfield. The children will be able to: 

  • observe the chickens from a safe viewing area, taking time to watch, observe and sketch 
  • check on and feel responsible for monitoring the chicken's health and wellbeing 
  • feed the chickens, with adult supervision
  • watch the chickens and learn about these fascinating animals in a real-life setting
  • learn about animal nutrition and care
  • learn about how the hens lay their eggs 
  • use the chickens' eggs for cookery, under supervision and with permission 

We also hope that one day, we'll incubate some eggs to see if we can hatch our own baby chicks. 

Risk Assessment 

Of course, the learning and fun are top priorities, but so is the health and safety of the children in our care. 

To see our risk assessment for the poultry project, please click here.

In addition to the risk assessment, Mrs. Richardson has written to all parents/carers to seek their written permission for their children to access the chicken's coop and free-range area under close supervision. Children who do not have written permission from a parent/carer will be able to view the chickens only from the viewing area.