Southfield Junior School


Year 6 Classes

Our two year 6 classes are called Oak and Rowan.

The pupils are taught by Mrs Spencer and Mrs Clapham and supported by Mrs Sutton and Mrs Bushnell. 

During PPA each week, the children are taught by Mrs. Law for specialist computing lessons in which they learn about, practice and apply different I.T. skills to complement in-class learning. The children also learn about e-safety. During this time, they are also taught RE by Mrs Richardson. 

PE is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Terms 1 and 2: Rags to Riches

Please click the link to see the Year 6 curriculum map for Autumn Term.

 Autumn Term- Rags to Riches

In English, the children have been working towards writing a persuasive advert based on Oliver Twist. Here are some examples of our final outcome:

In topic, we are learning all about Queen Victoria- take a look below for some interesting facts about her!


Roald Dahl Week

To celebrate Roald Dahl week, we have been taking a closer look at the poem from 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We started off by analysing the poem and making sure we understood the literary techniques that had been used by Dahl and the reasons for these. We then compared the poem to 'The Witches' by William Shakespeare. 

We spent time thinking about a potion we would like to make and then wrote our own poems. 


Current Reading

In our daily read session, we are currently reading Another Twist in the Tale by Catherine Bruton. 

 "You may have heard of the tale of Oliver Twist- the boy who asked for more, the reluctant burglar, the orphan who became heir to a fortune. But what few know is that there was a second Twist- a girl, brought into this world moments ahead of her brother. 

This is the story of Twill Twist.

Re-discover the Artful Dodger, Fagin and Oliver Twist  himself, along with a host of fantastic new heroes and villains, in this brilliantly-imagined, rip-roaring sequel to Dickens' much-loved classic.

This book shares the story of Twill Twist and her journey through the gambling dens and workhouses of London, as she attempts to make a life for herself, rescue her friends, and uncover the mystery of her past – while meeting some familiar faces along the way…