Southfield Junior School

  • From tiny acorns, great oaks grow!
  • Our school value for our third term is ‘friendship’.  

Super Science Day 2018

A message from our Science Leader, Miss Patel

On Wednesday 14th March the children of Southfield were immersed in lots of practical enquiry to celebrate British Science Week 2018! It was fantastic to see the children engaged as scientists for the day; there was a real scientific buzz around the school. 

The teachers in every year group got very creative and planned investigations and practical activities to explore different concepts with their classes. 

Year 3

In Year 3, the children deepened their learning about plants by carrying out an investigation to see if Daffodils or Chrysanths would have the best capillary action and absorb the water the fastest. To build on this, the children carried out an exciting water race in teams using a range of food colouring dyes and strips of tissue to reflect capillary action in plant stems. Lastly, the children made beautiful flower models whilst learning about the parts of a flower.

Year 4

The children in Year 4 became scientific chefs for the morning! They carried out a yeast investigation to explore the vital role this living organism has in bread. The children then used their scientific learning to make delicious bread rolls along with homemade butter!

Year 5

The children explored irreversible changes through an explosive investigation! They observed the reaction between Mentos and diet coke and they had to use their knowledge from this experiment to predict and test what would happen if they carried out the investigation with other fizzy drinks. They were surprised to find that diet lemonade had the same reaction as diet coke!

Year 6

In Year 6, the children took inspiration from the work of Stephen Hawking and became physicists for the day. They learned about the physics behind black holes and then demonstrated their learning about how these mysterious forces in our universe are formed by creating a human demonstration of this process. The children were so enthused to share their physics knowledge to teach the Year 5s all about black holes through drama in the afternoon.

It was a stimulating day for everyone. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with a buddy class from a different year group in the afternoon. I hope they shared some of their exciting learning from the day with you at home too!