Southfield Junior School

  • From tiny acorns, great oaks grow!
  • Our school value for our third term is ‘friendship’.  

Our School Council

Our School Council comprises representatives from each of the 8 classes across our junior school.

An important way in which the children learn about democracy and the rule of law, two out of four of the fundamental British Values, is by electing children from their classes to represent them. 

At the start of the school year, the children are encouraged to consider the qualities they think make an effective school council member. 

Our School Council meets regularly with the support of Miss Alder, our School Council leader. 

School Council 2018

Cherry - Bethan and George

Maple - Milo and Lidia

Willow - Zoe and Quinn

Sycamore - Reece and Sophie

Elm - Jasmin and Olly

Hazel - Anna and Alex

Rowan - Nathan and Melaika

Oak - Jasmine and Henry  

School Council Minutes 

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Meeting 3