Southfield Junior School


Year 3


Since joining Southfield Junior School in September, our priority has been to introduce the children to the essentials in computing.  Most children have access to iPads and tablets but learning mouse and keyboard skills are also very important.

Once the children had mastered these skills, they moved on to learning how to insert text boxes and pictures into Word, PowerPoint and Publisher documents. They then looked at how to research and find out information online, safely, using search engines. They then presented this information, changing the size, colour and font to make their work more engaging for the reader to look at- after all, layout is important! 


During their 'Volcano' topic, the children in Year 3 used their computing lessons to apply their newly-learnt skills to create a fact file about volcanoes on Microsoft Word. They also used a program called 'Natural Art' to create and label drawings of volcanoes that could be used alongside their fact files. 

E-Safety and Coding 

Each term, the children continue their e-safety lessons and learn all about how to stay safe online. In addition to this, they have been introduced to 'Scratch' coding.