Southfield Junior School


Our School Uniform

School Uniform

Our branded school uniform is available to order through YourSchoolUniform 

Alternatively, unbranded clothing is perfectly acceptable. Required school uniform at Southfield comprises:

  • a white shirt / polo shirt
  • a royal blue school jumper/cardigan
  • grey or black trousers/shorts/skirt/dress
  • white, grey or black socks or grey or black tights (not patterned or brightly coloured)
  • black shoes/completely black trainers that are sensible for school (no open-toed shoes, or shoes with a heel)
  • blue and white summer dress

We do insist that hair is always tied up. 

The jewellery we allow is a wrist watch - analogue or digital (not smart) , one pair of stud earrings. 

Please open the following link to view the online store from which you can buy branded items.

Southfield Junior School (

P.E. Uniform

PE kits should be worn to school on the days your child has PE. Required PE uniform at Southfield comprises:

  • plain black/navy or dark grey shorts (no team football shorts or branding)
  • plain black/navy or dark grey joggers (without any branding)
  • plain white round neck t-shirt
  • white socks
  • navy jumper/navy hooded top - you can buy optional branded PE Hooded tops. Strictly no branded jumpers.
  • trainers (no daps/plimsolls)

Earrings for PE should be removed if they are able to, if not they need to be covered with tape provided by parents.

At Southfield, Sports and PE are a strong feature of our curriculum and children and staff are proud to represent our school in competitions and festivals. A PE uniform encourages a stronger sense of school identity and belonging to our school community. 

Pre-loved School Uniform

We have a selection of pre-loved second hand school uniform in school.  (We are limited to the sizes that have been donated).
Please ask Mrs White for more information, or use the email below to ask about