Southfield Junior School

  • From tiny acorns, great oaks grow!
  • Our school value for our third term is ‘friendship’.  

Weekly Menus

The children’s school dinners are cooked off-site by the catering staff of Highworth Warneford School. At Southfield, lunches are staggered so that everyone has enough space to eat and socialise with friends.

Families are asked to choose between three options for their child’s school dinner:

  • Option A: A hot school dinner (meat)
  • Option B: A hot school dinner (vegetarian)
  • Option C: Home packed lunch

The meals are of an excellent quality and are varied. Should children have any professionally recognised intolerances or allergies, we are able to work with the Catering Manager to provide a special lunch which meets individual medical needs.

School dinners are paid for through a cashless payment system called Parent Pay. Please speak to a member of our school office team for further details if you have any questions.

Please click the links below to explore this term’s weekly menus.