Southfield Junior School


Families' Feedback

We are proud to have regular emails from our families and positive comments on our annual questionnaire.

"Just a quick email to say thanks to you and your team for keeping us updated and well looked after."

"You clearly care so much about the children."

"The support for Special Needs has been excellent this year - thank you."

"Thanks for all you do to make the school a safe and fun learning environment for our children!  We will miss it when our child moves on to High School later this year."

"Marked improvement since April 2017.  Excellent teaching staff and organisation - congratulations."

"I am really happy with my child's progress and introduction into the education syllabus. The information given through parent workshops are excellent way to allow parents a greater understanding of what is being learnt. Through these workshops I've been able to experience a good standard of teachers and teaching at Southfields. In addition, there are a good variety of subjects and topics that are current and important in this day and age, My child comes to home to discuss these topics (such as mental health and well being) with us, and I think its great that these topics are already mulling around in children's mind and allowing them to develop their own philosophies. I look forward to working with Southfields and feel happy that there is a lovely teaching community surrounding the children enabling them to have a nurturing and happy time at school."

Annual Questionnaire 

Each year, we formally collect the views of parents and carers via a questionnaire. Governors support school leaders with this process by attending parents' and carers' evenings. Governors welcome and talk to families, listen to their views and distribute an anonymous questionnaire. Governors and the Head Teacher work together to analyse and share the results. The feedback is discussed by governors and is used to inform school improvement planning.

2021 - 2022 Results 

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Actions to move forward:

* Efficient and timely communication to parents

* Celebrate and share successes about all subjects including Art, Music and DT 

* Improve the variety of after school clubs available 

2020 - 2021 Results 

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Actions to move forward:


Continued actions from 2020 due to COVID closure

     2019 - 2020 Results 

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Actions to move forward:

* Develop more links between learning at school and continuing this at home

* Co-ordinate events and workshops with Eastrop to avoid clashes

* Develop facilities to provide more opportunities for children to perform

* Embed a purposeful and consistent reward system

* Enrich pupil roles and responsibilities within the school community, those which are purposeful and make a difference

2020 - 2021 Remote Learning 

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