Southfield Junior School


Our School Day

School is open from 8:40am - 3:10pm Monday to Friday

Our playground gates open at 8:30am and children and parents are welcomed on the playground by members of the school team.  It is here messages can be given to a member of staff. The children enter the school independently between 8:40am - 8:50am when doors are open,  where they are met by their year group adults.   After hanging their coats and bags, the children enjoy morning challenges set by their class teacher which include; spelling, handwriting and reading comprehension. 

Throughout the morning, linked to the year group’s theme, the children usually focus on English and Maths and with their teacher.  

Learning and Playing Outdoors

The children’s morning playtime starts at 10.30am and finishes at 10.50am. Our outdoor facilities are expansive and being developed. We are lucky to have a very large playground, a trim trail, a huge field and outdoor seating areas which are used for relaxing and play.


We have a school hall in which we get together for whole school and class assemblies and use the same space for lunch time. At Southfield, lunches are staggered so that everyone has enough space to eat and socialise with friends. if the weather is nice, children are given the option to have their packed lunch outside. 

Afternoon Activities

During the afternoon, the children learn across the curriculum including PE, Science and other subjects.