Southfield Junior School


Support we can offer 

Who do I ask for help?

As the cost of everything goes up, more people are worried about how to make ends meet.
All staff at Southfield will help you with any worries you or your child have, they may ask you to talk to Mrs White who can give you information about where to find help with your every day needs.  

 HeMrs Whitello. I'm Mrs White, I hope I'm a familiar face to you all, if not please come and say hello. I'm here to help you and your children as best I can. You can talk to me on the playground at the beginning and end of the day, or leave a message for me at reception and I'm happy to give you a ring to chat about what sort of help you'd like. 

Here are some of the ways I can help you for FREE. If you need more information please come and have a chat.

What sort of help is available?

School Activities 
Your child can have FREE access to certain school activities that usually require payment. These vary but include things like school trips, school discos and other organised events and activities in school. Please talk to Mrs White if you would like to know more.

If you need food urgently, have a chat with Mrs White who can give you a FREE Food Voucher for the Food Bank if need be. You can collect food in Highworth from The Bridge, Sheep Street. 

Swindon Community Fridge. This organisation runs in Gorse Hill and is FREE Fresh Food to all visitors on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Ask Mrs White for more details.

Birthday Cakes - Mrs White works with a UK wide group where volunteers offer to bake cakes for children's birthdays. We have had some beautiful FREE Birthday Cakes delivered to school to make a birthday special. Please let Mrs White know if you would like a cake for your child.

School Uniform / Clothing
We have a selection of FREE School Uniform in school.  We will try to find as much of what you need. (Sometimes certain sizes aren't available).
Please ask Mrs White, or email with any questions or to ask for some

Children's shoes are expensive and their feet grow so quickly! Please ask Mrs White if you need FREE Shoes for your child.  She is in contact with a group that may be able to help you. These might be school shoes but the group also have a selection of other styles too. 

Sanitary Items / Period Products
Mrs White can give you an online order form for FREE Sanitary Items for anyone in your house. 'All Yours' provide a range of sanitary items, towels or tampons to anyone who needs them. They are delivered to your house in a plain box FREE of charge. 

If you need furniture, Mrs White can refer you to Gateway Furniture, based in Swindon centre, who can provide low or no cost furniture and white goods. Please let Mrs White know if you would like to chat about this in more detail.

Bills / Money / Managing Debt
We are lucky that in Highworth we have the The Bridge Centre on Sheep Street. You can pop in to ask for help with filling in forms, or ask for confidential FREE finance advice or FREE debt advice from CAP.
CAP also run workshops on how to manage life on low income, healthy eating and adult Mental Health Groups.  Please let Mrs White know if you'd like any more information or contact details for The Bridge.

FREE holiday activities
Swindon Council arrange FREE holiday activities for children during the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks.  There are a range of activities to choose from. For your child to take part, please let Mrs White know, so that you can register for a FREE Voucher to book your child's place.

Finding a job
The Bridge in Sheep Street runs a Job Club for people looking to find a new job or return to work. If you would like more information please contact Mrs White or The Bridge to find out when the next Job Club will be running.

There are many other things that you might need help with. If you have a question or need some help with something that is not on this list, please ask Mrs White. She may not have the answer straight away but will do her best to help you and your family.