Southfield Junior School

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Our Science leader is Mrs. White.

Vision for Science

At Southfield we believe that science is a practical, hands-on, investigative subject that promotes and develops children’s awareness and understanding of the world around them through everyday scientific enquiry, prediction, questioning, investigation and recording activities.

Children at Southfield have a rich and varied science curriculum covering all the statutory Programmes of Study (National Curriculum) for Science in an exploratory, practical and accessible way. We use Hamilton Trust to support our teaching and delivery of science across the school.

Correct comprehension, and use, of scientific vocabulary are at the heart of all our science lessons. Every year group receives tailor made Learning Objective and vocabulary labels each term for each lesson, which supports our children’s understanding and use of scientific vocabulary, enabling them to ask thoughtful scientific questions about the world around them.

Progression in Science

Read this document to learn about the children's progression in skills when working scientifically.

The Science Curriculum at Southfield 

Read this document to learn about our Science curriculum.

Some of our Science displays