Southfield Junior School

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Compass Collaboration

We are a school with a strong, strategic vision. We believe in school to school improvement, continuous school development, outward-facing relationships, sustainability of practice and excellence for the children and families in our care. We enjoy working with others to build our  practice and share our expertise.

Compass Collaboration

We have chosen to be a member of the Compass Collaboration of schools; nine schools in the Swindon area with shared and similar contexts. Each school is either a serving infant or junior school or has been in the past and is now part of a primary or federated setting. We are mixture of maintained and academy settings that choose to work together with a focus on school improvement.

The Compass Collaboration is facilitated by experienced School Improvement Partners (SIPs), Bill and Sarah Jerman, who we share as SIPs across our settings.

Which schools are in the Compass Collaboration?


Beechcroft Infants' School


Colebrook Infant Academy


Colebrook Junior



Covingham Park Primary School


Eastrop Infant



Eldene Nursery and

Primary School


Southfield Junior



The Wroughton Primary Federation