Southfield Junior School

  • Welcome back to school everyone - children, families and members of staff. Here's to another great year together!  

Curriculum Maps

This year we are working hard to design a new and incredible curriculum for the children at our school. We are placing high-quality children's literature at the centre of what the children learn about. Through the use of a chosen text, the children are given a real context for their writing by visiting the sights, sounds and smells of a great text.

At Southfield Junior School we are incredibly passionate about children's literature and it wonderful to see the children embracing their topics. Since the introduction of the book-centred curriculum in January 2018, there has been a real buzz around the school.

Here are the books placed at the heart of the curriculum to date. To find out more about the curriculum and see samples of work please look under the learning tab on the website:

Year 3

Year 4
Year 5
Year 6