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Science Progression

Science Progression at Southfield

At Southfield we work closely with Eastrop Infant school and Warneford to ensure that our children's scientific knowledge and skills build upon what they have learnt in Key Stage 1.
They are encouraged to investigate new concepts and familiar topics in more detail, to increase their scientific vocabulary, knowledge and questioning skills to allow them to smoothly transition into Key Stage 3.

Working Scientifically - Progression Document for Southfield

At Southfield we carefully use the National Curriculum's Working Scientifically and Programmes of Study documents to plan interactive lessons for all year groups. This ensures all pupils build on prior key scientific skills and knowledge and are challenged to think more scientifically about their work and investigations. 

To see the progression documents for each area for our school, please click on the links below.

Working Scientifically Progression

Science Programmes of Study Progression

Science Coverage Map for Southfield

We pride ourselves on have an interesting, stimulating and engaging curriculum at Southfield. Wherever possible Science lessons link into the term's learning and there are also occasions when Science units are taught as a discrete subject.

To see when we teach each of our Science units, please click on the link below.


 Science Coverage 2023-2024